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A Great Evening Event Thanks to Leilani and Bob!

June 29, 2011 by Ric O'Barry, Earth Island Institute

A Great Evening Event Thanks to Leilani and Bob!

By Ric O’Barry

Campaign Director

Save Japan Dolphins

Earth Island Institute

For all of you who could not attend our June 21st fundraising evening in San Rafael, CA, I think you can catch a bit of the excitement and fun from this video, posted online by one attendee, which includes host Leilani Münter’s heartfelt speech for help for our Save Japan Dolphins Campaign, and the first of the great Bob Weir’s songs of the evening:

Leilani Munter speaks the crowd for Save Japan Dolphins.  Photo by Mark J. Palmer.

Leilani first proposed and then helped organize the event, which included a fine music set from Bob Weir (of the Grateful Dead) and a screening of The Cove, followed by a Question & Answer session featuring our friend Louie Psihoyos, Director of the Academy Award-winning dolphin documentary, Leilani, Bob and me.  Bob’s lovely wife, Natascha, who helped with the event, is Leilani’s sister and another good friend of the dolphins.

Ric O'Barry and Louie Psihoyos in front of their marquee.  Photo by Mark J. Palmer.

We sold out the event and raised $12,925 specifically for support of our Cove Monitors in Taiji for the upcoming dolphin-killing season in Taiji, beginning Sept. 1st.

If you would like to help support our Cove Monitors, please consider a donation:

The great Bob Weir performing for the crowd.  Photo by Mark J. Palmer.

The Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center theater was generously donated by the California Film Institute to support the cause.  Louie, Bob and I signed commemorative posters for the crowd.  (There are still a few dozen left, with our signatures, so keep tuned in for information on how to you can get one with a donation to Save Japan Dolphins.)

Leilani flew in from her home in North Carolina, and Louie and his wife and son came in from Colorado.  We also had Cove monitors Tim and Carrie Burns from Tampa, Florida; ECOJOIA sister and brother entrepreneurs Julia and Ry Hawley from Colorado with their dad Mac Hawley; several friends from Los Angeles (including Save Japan Dolphins Team members Melissa Carbone, Alyson Richards, and Fonda Berosini as well as Harry Potter Director Chris Columbus and his daughter Bella); and myself from Miami, by way of Tokyo.

The Q&A session after The Cove screening with (left to right) Richard Peterson of CFI, Ric O'Barry, Leilani Munter, Louie Psihoyos and Bob Weir.

The local media in Marin County, CA, did an excellent job doing articles on the event, including these two interviews with Leilani and me:

And of course all the Deadhead websites included notices for Bob Weir’s fans.


Leilani has an amazing website you can visit here:


It was quite an evening for a wonderful cause.  Thanks, Leilani, Bob, Louie, CFI, and all the volunteers who made the event a big success!



Photography by Mark J. Palmer.

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A Great Evening Event Thanks to Leilani and Bob!