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A Hopeful Friendship for Dolphins

November 4, 2012 by Ric O'Barry, Earth Island Institute

By Hans Peter Roth
Cove Monitor
Save Japan Dolphins
Earth Island Institute

There is always hope!  After all the sad happenings we have to report from Taiji to our many supporters, there are also beautiful stories that literally come together down here in unexpected ways.

Sasha lives in Germany, and besides being German; he is of Iranian origin and has an Iranian passport, too.   Less than a year ago, he saw The Cove movie and became inspired to help the dolphins and whales.  He has definitely become among the most active cetacean friends in Germany.

Because he wanted to see with his own eyes, after having visited the Faroe Islands last summer, he has come to Taiji.

And this is where he met Yoav.  In much the same way, Yoav also became inspired after having watched The Cove quite recently.  Living in Tokyo for a year, he did not think twice and made his way to Taiji.  So I had the privilege to show both of them around this bizarre place at the same time.

Yoav is from Israel, living and working most of the time in San Francisco.  So here we now have two men, one from Iran and one from Israel, standing side by side, for the dolphins, united.  They discuss, exchange, agree and have become friends.  Funny enough, both of them separately recommended that I read the same book (Confessions by an Economic Hitman).

Yoav and Sasha are different just like every human being is different.  But they are much the same when it comes to saving dolphins around here and approaching the local people in a friendly, peaceful, non-confrontational manner, in keeping with Ric O’Barry’s strategy.

So while we try to help the dolphins as much as we can, the dolphins have helped for an Iranian and an Israeli to come together and literally stand side by side for the dolphins.

How much better can it get?  Thank you, Sasha.  Thank you, Yoav.  And thank you, dolphins!


Photo by Hans Peter Roth.

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A Hopeful Friendship for Dolphins