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An Apology to uShaka Marine Park

December 20, 2012 by Ric O'Barry, Earth Island Institute

By Ric O’Barry
Dolphin Project
Earth Island Institute

We received word of a rave party at a dolphinarium in South Africa, and alerted friends in South Africa as well as posting an alert here on our website.

It turns out a lot of the information was wrong.

There is scheduled a New Years Eve party (not a rave party) at uShaka Marine Park, but apparently the event will take place away from the dolphin tanks.

Furthermore, we have been told by organizers that the dolphins will be monitored by representatives of the SPCA and the aquarium.

While we still have concerns that some of the venues may generate noise that could be transferred to the dolphin tanks, it seems that our concerns were not based on accurate information.

Sometimes we get it wrong – it happens!  We’ve removed the blog from our websites.

I want to apologize to uShaka Marine Park and its representatives.  I urge those of you who sent e-mails to the Park to apologize, too.


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An Apology to uShaka Marine Park