Blog | Dolphin Slaughter Begins Again in Taiji (Video Added)

Dolphin Slaughter Begins Again in Taiji (Video Added)

September 7, 2011 by Ric O'Barry, Earth Island Institute

By Leilani Munter

Cove Monitor

Save Japan Dolphins

Earth Island Institute

And so the nightmare begins again...

While the people of the town of Taiji attended funerals and mourned the victims of the typhoon – just a block away, the dolphin hunters were slaughtering a pod of Risso’s dolphins.  I saw an old woman, dressed in black with an umbrella, slowly walking by herself.  The way in which she was crying indicated to me that she had lost someone very close to her.  It was a strange experience, as I felt so much sadness for the people of Taiji, who were clearly distraught over the loss of family and friends - and that only added to the sadness I felt for the innocent dolphins whose lives were stolen today by a handful of dolphin killers.  It was a horrific day of misery, no matter which direction you turned.

I stood on the beach during the slaughter with the Japan Coast Guard in front of me, the police behind me, and Daniela, my fellow Cove Monitor for Save Japan Dolphins, standing next to me taking pictures and crying.  Without the ability to save them, I just sat helplessly on the rocks and posted an update of the horrible news through social media.  Through my pages I was sent love and support from around the world - messages poured in from countries all around the world including New Zealand, Egypt, France, England, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, Canary Islands, Norway, China, Italy, Greece, United States, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, Austria, Turkey, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, Singapore, South Africa and Japan.  There was comfort in knowing that the world was paying attention, and these dolphin’s lives were being recognized.  They would be remembered.  They mattered to the world.

Tomorrow morning it will start again.  As I stand on that beach in Taiji and witness these innocent lives being lost, I know that I am not alone.  I stand, in fact, over two million strong - with Ric O’Barry leading us all - and someday I know we will prevail, and the cove will finally become a place of peace.  Until that beautiful day, I will be here everyday in my heart and physically whenever I can - waiting, watching, filming and making sure the world never forgets what’s happening here.


Photo of Risso’s Dolphins in the Cove by Tim Burns. 

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Dolphin Slaughter Begins Again in Taiji (Video Added)