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ECOJOIA Hits the Million Mark

January 2, 2013 by Ric O'Barry, Earth Island Institute

By Ric O’Barry
Dolphin Project
Earth Island Institute

There are many different ways that people help out our campaigns to save Japan dolphins and stop captivity around the world.  I’m always impressed and amazed at how clever people can come up with some great ideas that grow and help our efforts out immensely.

Back in January 2009, at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah (where The Cove was first premiered), sister and brother Julia and Ry Hawley brought jackets with our Save Japan Dolphins Campaign logo embroidered on the front.  We enjoyed the jackets (which came in handy in the cold wintery weather), and a new business was born:  ECOJOIA.

The premise was simple – Julia and Ry would produce various products for our Save Japan Dolphins Campaign, with a very generous part of the proceeds going back to our nonprofit work to save dolphins.

Since then, ECOJOIA has produced a wide range of t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers and other products for us, using organic source material, and they have expanded to work with many other nonprofits as well.

EcoJoia just hit $1,000,000 of online sales!

Organizations that continue to benefit include Earth Island Institute’s Save Japan Dolphins Campaign and Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project, PangeaSeed, In Defense of Animals, Trees, Water & People, and more.

“We are truly honored to have been able to serve and raise money for these causes in the best way we know how,” say Julia and Ry Hawley.

The Dolphin Project Team and I are very grateful for Julia’s and Ry’s efforts to support our work with fine quality items that spread our message and generous donations from their sales.

We wish them and you lots of success in 2013!


Photo courtesy ECOJOIA.

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ECOJOIA Hits the Million Mark