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Goodbye For Now

November 16, 2012 by Ric O'Barry, Earth Island Institute

By Johanne Aa Rosvoli
Cove Monitor
Save Japan Dolphins
Earth Island Institute

So, it’s my turn to head back home.

My 3rd trip to Taiji is coming to an end, and I feel so blessed and sad at the same time. Blessed to know that I am a part of this change.  Sad to have witnessed two days with slaughter, and dolphins being taken to a life of captivity.

I stood with tears in my eyes when we saw the boats driving towards the harbor in formation, chasing this beautiful pod of Risso’s dolphins. I knew that this day too, would make me keep fighting for these innocent animals, who only want us to listen to them, like they listen to us.

I went on and on in my head about how I can be a louder voice for these dolphins.  How can I make people understand that this has to come to an end, or there is no hope?  Well, I realized, while I stood there watching these dolphins being driven towards the Cove, that I just have to keep on talking about this, telling people about the movie, sharing all the important information about this cause, and never doubt that I have this voice to use and to protect my friends – the dolphins.  If I only change one on my way, that one will maybe change two, and so it goes on.

Being at the ground in Taiji is one of the toughest experiences I ever had.  But I’m so incredibly proud and humble to be here, as a Cove Monitor, for Save Japan Dolphins, and my biggest hero, Richard O’Barry.  Also, I could never have done this trip without my Cove Monitor-colleague Tia.  You make me stronger, and you make me believe when I feel like there’s no hope.  Thank you!

Please, use your voice and never be silent.  These dolphins desperately need you!

With love, Johanne


Photo by Tia Butt.

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Goodbye For Now