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The Road to Taiji: A Night at the Pink Cow for the Dolphins

August 29, 2011 by Ric O'Barry, Earth Island Institute


By Ric O’Barry

Campaign Director

Save Japan Dolphins

Earth Island Institute

Last night in Tokyo, we went into the wee hours of the evening with more than fifty people in attendance from all over Japan.

While I spoke and answered questions, a lot of the evening was just fun.  We had the Welsh duo of Duncan & Selwyn Walsh of the band The Wantanabes singing up a storm, including their great song “Whales Can Sing” about Taiji and the Cove – a favorite of mine that you can hear here:

Then we had the rough footage from our 1976 Japan music tour with Japanese and American pop singers (including Jackson Browne, Richie Havens, and John Sebastian).  I even appeared in the film, a much younger man on stage wearing my red wool cap given to me by Phillipe Cousteau.  My friends Mark Lavellle and Mark Palmer also spoke, answering many questions and emphasizing the need for Japanese and Americans to cooperate in saving the oceans, including the whales and dolphins.  A number of people signed up, and we hope they will continue to work with us in the future on these issues.

They need not be against Japanese whaling and dolphin killing.  That is very hard to do in Japan, because the government and the fisheries unions are very ugly towards people who openly criticize the whale and dolphin hunts.

But they can be FOR something – for the dolphin- and whale-watching tourist industry building in Japan that needs promotion and wide-spread recognition.

They can be FOR what is good about Japan, and thus promote environmental steps that Japan is taking to clean up the environment and protect the oceans. in attendance were a representative from the newspaper Japan Times and TBS TV, plus a live feed on Live Stream.

If you are ever in Tokyo, stop by the Pink Cow for great music, art, drinks, and vegan food:

I’m now sitting on the bullet train (a marvelous Japanese innovation that the United States should emulate) with Kiki, Mark and Laura of our Save Japan Dolphins Team, heading to Osaka for the next part of our road to Taiji.


Photography by Mark J. Palmer

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The Road to Taiji: A Night at the Pink Cow for the Dolphins