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Volunteer to Help

Form a "Cove Club" at your school or in your community to raise issue awareness and to raise funds for the Save Japan Dolphins Campaign.  We'll help provide you with information you need to spread the word.

Follow us on our Blog, our Facebook site, and our Cause site and post information and links to your networks.

Plan a fundraiser, house party, or video-showing of The Cove.

Travel to Taiji to assist in monitoring activities at the Cove.  This requires advance coordination with our staff, but can be a critical way of helping.  No children under 18 unless accompanied by an adult, please.  Our efforts in Japan are strictly legal and non-confrontational.  You will need to provide your own travel, meals, and lodging.

Please e-mail us at: 

Let us know a bit about yourself, including what city you live in, what special skills you have, and what you'd like to do, so we can help you to best help the dolphins.

Thank you!

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